Aura and the Zodiac is completely different from any other horoscope or astrological guide. There are no calculations, no symbols and no guesswork. These Pages as well as the Daily Zodiac Aura Guidance provide a most comprehensive and revealing guide for you that is being channeled as it is being ‘seen by’ Renoo Nirula. Presented here is this great work as clairvoyantly seen by Renoo Nirula, through the universal and individual auras across 7 major facets of human existence – CHILD, FRIEND, MAN, WOMAN, PARENT, PERSONALITY and THE OTHER SIDE OF THE AURA.


Aura and the Zodiac_Aquarius_Friend

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  • Aquarius friendships are very soul satisfying as they give fully of themselves and allow you to give back in return.


  • They make very strong attachments to people and are constantly in the giving mode.


  • They allow warmth and affection to flow both ways and are genuinely interested in forming long term bonds and will have deep soul communication with their loved ones and will allow continuous commitments to be formulated.


  • They are extremely just and generous to their friends and their brilliance elevates the mind of their companion and brings out the best in them.


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