Aura and the Zodiac is completely different from any other horoscope or astrological guide. There are no calculations, no symbols and no guesswork. These Pages as well as the Daily Zodiac Aura Guidance provide a most comprehensive and revealing guide for you that is being channeled as it is being ‘seen by’ Renoo Nirula. Presented here is this great work as clairvoyantly seen by Renoo Nirula, through the universal and individual auras across 7 major facets of human existence – CHILD, FRIEND, MAN, WOMAN, PARENT, PERSONALITY and THE OTHER SIDE OF THE AURA.


Aura and the Zodiac_Capricorn_Child

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The Capricorn child is often far too serious for his or her own good and frequently, it is the fault of one of the parents.


This child needs mature, but cheerful and happy handling, that makes a point of not over-stressing duty, responsibility and restriction.


A young Capricorn needs a great deal of praise and affection. These boys and girls often feel afraid and deeply dissatisfied with themselves.


Criticism wounds them deeply, not because they resent it, but because they unwittingly believe it to be true.


Never nag this child; criticism should be levelled so that the positive alternative appears as the ideal solution.


Every effort to instruct should be made optimistically and encouragingly.


Capricorn children are very self-conscious. They want to make friends, but are uneasy in the presence of others, especially strangers.


Being withdrawn and rather solitary figures, they do not attract the usual number of playmates.


Without friends to help draw them out, they are inclined to become distrustful and wary of personal relationships, thus isolating themselves even more.


Young Capricorns are very good at schoolwork and willing little helpers around the house.


They enjoy running errands and completing small tasks for elders, who display trust in them.


They are extremely conscientious and want to please. They usually enjoy studying and reading, and have a great capacity for sorting out detail and cataloging data.


The longer their education can be continued, the better, especially from the social angle.


They need to be in the company of people their own age to help overcome shyness. People of this Sign are born leaders and vauntingly ambitious.


When a young Capricorn does get around to making young friends, he or she is enterprising and frequently bossy.

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