Message of the Day : 09 October, 2019


“A healer is always performing the healing action in the spirit of seeking welfare for the world as one.
Action performed for the self and healing action only for one’s own self , definitely leads one to bondage. Therefore I often reiterate this in the”Sunday collectives ” that , even actions such  as remembrance, reflection, contemplation, meditation and even a healing trance should be practiced for the welfare of the world. Thus ,whatever a healer does with his body, aura body, auric body and energy body , is in-fact, done only for others , not for the self alone. By going through this consciousness, doing selfless healing ,the healer’s affinity for the world is solidly renounced, and a new consciousness of a self realised communion with the Divinity is established. This is what I see as true healing action. Healing actions are flowing through your aura even now. Do them in awareness. Healing hugs of world magnitude. Love from all the souls on Earth.”
Spiritual actions performed for the world and for the welfare of others brings us to the gates of the golden light.

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