Message of the Day : 11 July, 2019

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“As the healing vortexes of light embrace you and your cherished ones, the day expands, time expands, work expands and completion of action expands.

You are awakening to new thought today as the vortexes and golden crosses are coming down and touching your 3rd Eye chakra. These crosses are spreading to your shoulders, to your heart and to your ankle chakras, creating balance, creating deep love and creating a heroic sense of responsibility. You are born to work in this realm, creating opulence, creating advancement and creating camaraderie and friendship, trust and honesty. Take these energies from your heart, embrace your loved ones and with each breath impregnate the trees, the plants, molecules of water and air, and connecting to the Sun’s light spread your arms wide – knowing that your body is a golden cross and as you hug yourself and others – your aura explodes and spreads the golden crosses to other 3rd Eye chakras. “AMEN!” Healing hugs of intelligent thought. Love from the center of the golden cross.”

Knowing that your true self is wanting, needing and participating in the healing work, I appreciate, I honour, I love, I cherish your presence.

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