Message of the Day : 14 August, 2019

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“As the reclusive energy of the mystical universe descends today , there is little that we need to do to harness it, as it begins somewhere in the future journey of our past.

Continuous progress is very important for the improvement of the self.
I see every one of you as the primordial energy of the universe coming at me. Billions of years ago there was a light, the original force of the universe . Today it is coming on as whoever we are. Today the light is being explored again. We are all complicated patterns of the whole mandala of this light. See yourself as a balloon filled with ink. Choose the colour you want to be. See your balloon exploding. Droplets of the ink spreading and smearing other people and parts of the universe. See yourself being touched by the colours of other balloons exploding . Everyone a part of each other’s energy, the past , the future and the present. Healing hugs of this big joint explosion. Love from the golden pyramids of light.”

As the droplets of the black and red hearts engulf our future and the past, we have become the golden pyramids of universal light, gently swaying in the centre of the universe.

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