What are Aura Readings?

As Renooji Explains:


“The basis of Aura Reading – is that the universe – the planet earth that we live on – is a complete whole, and that there is a co-relation between what goes on in the external world – the stars, the planets, the beings without bodies, the lights, the colours and the spiritual dimension of existence – and human experience. Ancient Astrology maintains that when a massive body such as a star or the sun or moon or any planet changes position, it produces an effect on us. All aura energy comes into play when man walks in with his Pranna-maya-kosh (the aura body full of light and love and past patterns from previous lifetimes). The fate of every individual is written at the time of birth through the genetic coding and with higher spiritual connection and spiritual guidance, we can follow the path of least obstacles and make our life happier. Despite the genetic programming there is free will in human life, where the whole program is put into motion at the moment of birth, but is activated step by step.


All the seeds, patterns and design structures rest as a potential in the aura-program, till they become a reality. If a human being understands his limitations and the potential and tendencies that were gifted to him at birth, then he could use or curb these to his advantage, and thus have a hand in his own destiny. Man is a pawn only as long as he wants this, and he can choose to exercise his free will whenever he chooses. Through an Aura Reading, I am Facilitator, Healer and Guide, unlocking the good, whilst healing that, which is not desired.


Renooji’s Art, the “Seed is the Sphere”, 2001

Every single one of us is a mixture of all the nutrition energies that the earth, the planets and the universe supplies us and what we attract towards ourselves. My Clairvoyance helps me to identify the different and sometimes conflicting energies that are residing in an individual’s physical as well as Aura-bodies. Be it on a mental, spiritual, emotional or then, a sexual plane. Through the healing modalities, such as Reiki, KQ and My Golden Cloud, I HEAL to help the individual to connect to their innermost spiritual center and become free of fear, anxiety, anger and intolerances. Balancing the individual, helping them shift their attitude towards the planet earth and the people who live on it – from taking only, to giving more and more.


Through this process of an AURA READING, I am creating energies for the individual that will enhance their purpose of life, and their willingness to move forward without fear. WITHOUT FEAR! That is the ultimate goal. To face everything without fear, in total and complete EMPOWERMENT !”



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