Writing of the Day: May 15, 2019

Writing of the Day (WOTD)
“A friend of mine who had been in a medical school and then practiced medicine in the United States of America, suddenly had a calling to move back to India to restore her connections to her country and her land. Most of this had been triggered by an event that happened : There were three patients of hers, that were in her care, passed away the same day and then there was a fourth man who was lying in his bed and was groaning and writhing in pain. He was just calling out the names of the Divine and asking for mercy – his eyes were hollow and the tears were flowing down his cheeks – and then as she approached him, he looked at the empty beds, where his hospital companions were lying and had been just taken to the mortuary and as she held his hand, he asked her the question that she never expected anyone to ask her. ‘Do you think God will forgive you for your sins?’ My friend’s eyes also filled up with tears and she was unprepared to answer from a space of deep introspection and spiritual clarity. She had some answers, but they seemed very insignificant. At that moment, there was an exchange of energy that she had prepared for over many life times, and in that moment all she could say and hide behind was the affirmation that came spontaneously from an unknown source – ‘YES Completely’, ‘because I have done everything that could be done medically – but ‘Yes’ also to change now to prepare myself more fully – to act out of a spiritual realm’ – so now begins her adventure with healing.”

– Extracts from Renooji’s Private Journals.

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