Writing of the Day: October 07, 2019

Writing of the Day (WOTD)

“As the patterns of fear are unfolding in this universe, there are many people who are doing very little for their own betterment. I have seen many people in this universe, especially those who visit with me and want to know the future, but still do not understand that the Aura is a very revelatory tool for a person, who will get the results of his previous karma. We often feel that we have procured the rights to the story of our life, which should be free of all hurdles and obstacles, and finally, when we are ready to live life, we feel that we have locked out the negative, and now we can plan our future and know that nothing will be a challenge any more. But life is very different. If we do not heal, and when our self-written destiny-chart is not fully healed, then the script of our life will not be ready. As we look at all that we have recently done, it will give us a clear idea of all the attractions that are forthcoming.”

– Extracts from Renooji’s Private Journals.

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