Writing of the Day: October 10, 2019

Writing of the Day (WOTD)

“We are all wired so differently and there is nothing that we are all doing all the time, confused and sometimes longing for change. There is a complete self-evaluation before there is evolution – as we struggle with our day to day life, relationships, money and self-worth problems, and yet we feel that others have wonderful lives. Seeing strangers living their happy and extraordinary lives is one thing, seeing friends and family do it is for most even worse. I often ask people that instead of feeling bad and envious, have you ever considered and wondered how they got so rich, to be able to afford that international trip, the new exotic car, the new property or even being single?
We often think we all knew each other; we all began our lives from the same corridors of the same university. What happened – as we look back at life, the worse we feel about our life, we are actually letting negative energy sneak in and create a completely unresolved pattern of distrust with the universe and the people. Then we feel that we have been abandoned and there is completely no one out there who will support us and look out for our welfare. This then becomes a real issue for not only us but also for the people that we live with, and so the story of our life begins again and the new patterns are being birthed, and slowly our energy changes, and a continuous new ‘us’ begins to evolve from the womb of the new universal support system, and we are once again given a chance to remain connected to the growth of our spiritual connection and consciousness – and then there is no more doubt, envy, jealousy and self-hate or self-pity that is impacting us, for it is all covered in the healing light, and we are grateful, determined and happy.”

– Extracts from Renooji’s Private Journals.

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