Writing of the Day: October 12, 2019

Writing of the Day (WOTD)

“Sometimes we are sentimental and do not want to let go of what we have understood or experienced, but the reality is that there is nothing that is the end – use every day as a new beginning and know that there is nothing that we cannot do. There are so many heartening and helpful things that we can do with very little money and time or even with no money at all, and it is to share the light that one can give unconditionally. I have often been told by my father that no matter how black things seem in life, darkness can be overcome with courage, with healing, faith in the Divine and complete surrender and prayer. Healing gives us the ability to persevere, no matter what obstacles get in the way. Just serve the light to all, just continue to heal all and move ahead with determination, knowing that there is no beginning or end – just a continuous line of healing all.”

– Extracts from Renooji’s Private Journals.

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