We sat down with Renooji to discover her as an Artist, we asked her 6 Questions to understand her inspiration and creations, here we share with you her answers :


Q.1.From a healer to a an internationally famous Clairvoyant, what inspired you to become an artist?

Ans. I was trained in the arts, and have been in the field of design since 1974, became a healer only in 1994. My view of this world is, we are all one big family. My formal education has been in the fine-arts. My childhood was filled with travels around the world beside my Father who worked with All India Radio and the United Nations as a Senior Correspondent.


Q.2. Do describe the works which you have exhibited and which one would be your prized piece and the inspiration behind it?

Ans. As a Mother with her Children, an Artist to her Works is a relationship as nuanced, troubled and enriching as the first. To choose a favourite would be detrimental not only to me as an artist but the works themselves. However, I will say that the form of the lotus itself – unfolding and unfurling, growing and regenerating – as a representation of our Chakras and Nadis (or energy points) is my favourite aspect of this series “Auric Vision”. I love the visions and I am grateful for having the artistic ability to transform and translate them on paper.


Q.3.What health or psychic benefits will people get if they bought your artwork and placed it in their house?

Ans. All the works are channelled through an intimate and introspective meditative process and this unleashes a healing vortex of golden light that is like an imprint on the soul of all who view the work. As the work hangs in a person’s house, it will be a tool or living yantra that will begin to heal the home, the people in it, and the environment, creating new frequencies of thoughts and positive energy for the worthy recipient – enhancing their spiritual  insights.


Q.4.Do you think you will be starting a trend with such unique artworks unheard in the market?

Ans. Yes, there are trends that are set by many, but for me these are works of healing, prayer, meditation and visions, and my intent for them to go far and wide to heal the pain of all the people, so that we can all live pain free, stress free, rage free, and anger free – creating and spreading only love for each other, forever.


Q.5.Do you plan to launch your unique genre of work on a global platform or enter in art fairs?

Ans. I have plans only to do the work, and wherever there is healing need, the works will find their way there – inspiring, healing, and encouraging one and all.


Q.6.How important do you think art is in healing process?

Ans. Art and healing are a perfect fit – as the process of colour form shape, and the union of the mind, the influence, the perception and the intuitive guidance all come together to form a meditative process, that brings us to a space of self evolution and perceive the universe in an involuntary way, making visual perception and the art visual a relationship that has no boundaries – for the viewer, the creator, the meditator or the participator. All benefit from the treat of colour, form, design, and imprint.