As witnessed and told by DIVVYA NIRULA :


“The first time I heard my Mother Renooji described as a clairvoyant, I had absolutely no idea of how to pronounce, write or comprehend the word.  For me, it meant that my Mother could only see various spectrums of light, she travelled through time – not literally, but on a astral plane, and was unable to leave the house for three weeks straight. Why? Because she could not switch off this ability to “clearly see” the individual, their soul and the many journeys they had taken.

For many, this ability to see beyond the material realm could be equated to a super-power. However, for my mother – Renoo Nirula – this was a potential spiritual gift, but unfortunately it did not seem to have an off switch. Many weeks went by, and her “true sight” showed no signs of abating or disappearing. It was at  the insistence of a dear friend, that she made her way to The Ashok Hotel to hear the Dalai Lama speak on his appearance day – the 6th of July, 1995. They entered and sat in the corner-back seats of the conference hall, cautious to venture further inside, as Renooji’s clairvoyant abilities got stronger, and heightened around people in large spaces. Through the cacophony of sounds, images, thoughts, colours and visions, penetrating through her five senses – Renooji suddenly felt an external and internal hush fall over the gathered seekers. She turned her head to ask her friends what had happened, when she suddenly saw a golden ball of light heading towards her. She felt peace, joy, calmness and a fearlessness seep into her cells and consciousness  – and just then she felt the softest touch – like the downy feathers of a bird’s underbelly  – and then, for the first time in weeks she could see through her material eyes. She could see His Holiness the Dalai Lama and she felt a wetness on her face – she was crying, the relief and the blessings overwhelming her. In that instantaneous Divine interaction, Renooji was empowered to control her abilities as a clairvoyant, and blessed to use them for the greater good of the society and people around her.

Albert Einstein called the intuitive or metaphoric mind a sacred gift. No one felt it more in that instant, than Renooji.

For me, Divvya Nirula – as her daughter and as her student, what strikes me the most is her ability to stay sane, calm, centred through all that she sees, and all that she channels and shares with all of us. It is limitless and profound, yet it sits on her weightlessly and effortlessly.

As Renooji – modern day guru, guide, healer, teacher, confidante and clairvoyant moves through time and space – in her visions and her healing, I sometime try and imagine, what must this CLAIRVOYANT VOYAGE be like for her – I share here with you a glimpse into her reality from a Diary Entry she made in her Journal in 1995, it read :


“The bright lights, a mosaic of colour of varying hues, warmth and definition, shapes of bright lights moving quicker and quicker, making me dizzy and joyful! May physical eyes updated from their primitive frequency to multitude of frequencies. I was in awe, wonder and fascination for these new worlds I was seeing – not quite understanding the tizzy around me, but then I would remember, remember that my sight for the world had been replaced, and I cried, cried for the faces of my children I would never see, and the visions of many futures that didn’t seem to end. It was in this magnificent churning of the astral oceans that I found my island of peace amidst this stormy journey, as he (the Dalai Lama) placed his hands upon me – the golden ball of light began to take shape, it began to form – and then I was silent, clear, calm, as I realized my true purpose as a healer and helper – holding the hands of others, empowering them with the golden light, as he today had held mine…”

An excerpt from the journal of RENOO NIRULA

6th July, 1995, New Delhi, India


As the days have turned into weeks, the weeks into months and years, I have never seen her falter in her mission to help, aide, support, and transform the lives of others – tirelessly and selflessly. It is an honour to be Renooji’s student first, then – her daughter !”

 – Divvya Nirula

Healer, Art Historian & Curator

New Delhi, India

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