The Body is our most natural and closest HEALER. It takes from the five elements, through the Mother’s womb, and creates itself. It needs environment and ingredients to come into harmony, and ‘it’ does the rest. So, before it was Body, Tree, Insect, Monkey or Dog, what was IT?

All World Religions and Ancient Texts tell us, it was Consciousness.

Where did this consciousness originate? Through the Realm of Healing, Master Renooji has stated what she has seen, and it is this –

“Our Consciousness comes from a Higher Consciousness, a Universal Consciousness which is limitless, profound and unconditional. When we connect to that through Healing, we are able to find our original home, our source, and hence, we too become, an extension of ‘that’ which is unseen, unknowable, untouchable and infinite   —  You may call this Allah, Krishna, Buddha, Christ or Energy. The ‘truth’ remains the same – that It exists, hence, We exist.”

As Healers, we are constantly Connecting & Affirming!

As neophyte or newbie Healers, we have all approached this connection, with the Question – “How Can Healing Help Me?”

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